Birds are an important part of our natural environment, so much so that they are afforded great protection by laws, regulations, and public sentiment. Critter Control of Toledo offers commercial bird control efforts that work within these rules and ensures safety for each bird removed.commercial bird control services in Toledo

Bird Removal

  • Critter Control of Toledo offers humane bird trapping methods that will get rid of your problematic birds quickly!
  • Bird trapping and removal will stop the damages from becoming extensive and allow your wildlife specialist to begin damage repairs and prevention.

Damage Repair

  • Bird droppings on buildings are unsightly, hazardous to health and structurally damaging.
  • Critter Control of Toledo will clean up the mess of droppings and repair other damages created.

Bird Prevention

Critter Control of Toledo offers professional bird prevention methods. Bird netting and bird spikes are two of the most effective methods to keep birds off of your commercial building.

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