Mice Problems in Toledo?

Mice may be tiny, but they can be very scary. Especially mice in large numbers. These small size critters are very common across the country, including Toledo. At Critter Control, our trained professionals have years of wildlife experience. We handle our wildlife problems in the most efficient and safe manner.

We will: 

mice in house in toledo

  • Get Rid of Mice: If you think you've got a mice in our attic, crawl space, garage or anywhere on your property, we service professionals will help you trap and remove them.
    • Mice have a tendency of getting into small and hard to reach spaces. It's difficult to remove them completely with over-the-counter traps and baits.
  • Mice Prevention: It's important to make sure mice doesn't come back after you move them from your property.
    • Critter Control will conduct a full and thorough house inspection to determine how the mice may have got into your house. We will check areas such as your attic, crawl space and other areas.
    • Our service professionals will seal and block any possible entry points and keep mice out of your house.
    • Critter Control also conduct preventive inspections to make sure your home is secure enough for possible mice break-ins. 
  • Damage Repair and Clean up:  Although mice are small; however, they can cause a lot of damage to your home. Especially when they're in large numbers.
    • They will often a large amount of debris, waste in your house, especially if they're breeding in your house.
    • Our service professionals will thoroughly clean and disinfect the contaminated area of your home; we will also repair any damages caused by mice in your home.

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