TOLEDO Squirrel Problem?

help with squirrels in ToledoSquirrels are furry and cute, there no doubt about that. But these small critters can actually cause you a lot of problems for your home. Critter Control of Toledo is trained in professional squirrel removal service. We will handle your squirrel problems in a safe and humane way.

We will help you:

  • Get Rid of Squirrels: If you've notice squirrels coming in and out of your attic, crawl space, garage or other places of your home, please contact us immediately. Our service professionals will help you remove them.
    • Sometimes squirrels can carry unknown diseases, it is dangerous to have them inside of your home. You can easily hurt yourself and your family if you try to handle the problem alone. Contact Critter Control for professional help.
  • Exclude Squirrels: Once the squirrels are gone, the next step is to make sure that the squirrels won't come back.
    • We will do a full inspection of your house including your attic, crawl space and other areas of your home to determine how squirrels got into your house. 
    • Our service professionals will help you seal and block all squirrel entry points.
    • Even though you may not have a squirrel problem now, out staff can implement squirrel preventative measures to prevent any future squirrel problems happening in the future.
  • Clean and Repair Damage: Squirrel colonies can cause major damage in your attic, garage or crawl space.
    • They also frequently leave large amounts of waste and debris.
    • Our technicians can clean and disinfect the problem area, repair any damage and resolve other problems caused by the squirrels.

Contact Critter Control of Toledo today for any and all squirrel problems and to schedule a home inspection!


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