Wildlife Control SERVICES

Wildlife animals that get inside homes can cause extensive damage in a short period of time. It's most prudent to address any wildlife problems before they become huge issues. Critter Control of Toledo has full-service residential wildlife control and we will get rid of your animal problem effectively and efficiently. We will keep them out permanently.

Wildlife Trapping, Removal, and Exclusion Services

Removing wildlife animals is something Critter Control of Toledo excels at. Each wildlife animal will require particular baiting, trapping methods, removal methods, and materials for exclusion. Your wildlife technician will be able to determine which animal you're facing and will be able to implement methods necessary to keep the animal out of your home for good.

Damage Repairs

  • Wildlife animal damages can be hazardous to health, and they are a smelly mess.
  • Damages as a result of bats is typically due to the amount of damage they accumulate. Guano (bat droppings) creates an unpleasant musky smell that will spread through your home, and stains that can be difficult to remove.
  • Squirrels will chew electrical wires, and pull and soil insulation.

Critter Control of Toledo will repair damages done by the wildlife animals, including attic restoration, feces removal, and animal odor removal.


Prevention is an often-neglected but vital aspect of wildlife control. If you take the wildlife animals out of your home, why even bother repairing damages if they are just going to come right back in? Nearly all wildlife animals will try to return to the comfort of their original nesting place inside your home. Critter Control of Toledo can help implement the necessary prevention methods depending on your specific wildlife problem animal.

The Wild Animal Control Solution

Critter Control of Toledo works with you, the customer, to ensure satisfactory results. Your technician will use methods that are safe for the wildlife animal and safe on your home. Using species-specific methods will ensure an efficient and quick removal process. Call Critter Control of Toledo if you are hearing animal noises or finding wildlife droppings through your home.