Getting Rid of Coyotes

Coyotes residing in mountains or forested areas of eastern states are often darker brown or gray in color. Coyotes are intelligent members of the dog family that can be found throughout North America. Many modern Americans consider coyotes to be little more than nuisance pests responsible for killing livestock.

Common Coyote Problems

Coyote Control and Removal

  • Historic hunting and persecution of coyotes has bred them to be wary and naturally shy of humans.
  • As such, they will not enter dwellings and are only active at night or in the early morning where people reside.
  • Coyotes will venture onto properties like pastures, fields, backyards, or even garbage dumps in search of food.

Trapping and Removal

Wild coyotes should never be approached. Although physically similar to dogs, coyotes are not domesticated animals and will bite if cornered or threatened. Critter Control coyote experts are available to help manage and eliminate unwanted coyote problems. Call today!

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