Geese may not be intimidating based solely on their appearance, but don't be fooled. They're known for being very aggressive and territorial. They have been known to harass citizens near rivers and lakes, and the accumulation of their feces is dangerous to human health. The most common species of goose you may find in the Toledo area is the Canada goose. If you spot one or more of these waterfowl on your property, please contact Critter Control of Toledo immediately and do not approach the bird.

Pair of Canada Geese on Toledo Yard

Geese Control in Toledo

Are Geese Dangerous?

Geese are known for being territorial if there is an intruder in their space. It is important not to approach a goose, especially if it is showing signs of aggression, like hissing or advancing toward you. Please call Critter Control of Toledo at the first sign of goose invasion to your property.

Goose Mating

The breeding season for geese is in late winter/early spring, around late February to early March. Once geese have found a mate, they are typically mates for life.

Goose Removal

If you have geese on your property, don't worry. We can implement a number of techniques to get them out and keep them out, including:

  • Net trapping
  • Habitat modification
  • Simple DIY methods such as a strict non-feeding rule. Feeding geese can both harm them and encourage them to see your property as a feeding ground.

Goose Nesting Behavior

Geese are territorial of their living and nesting area once it's been established, and they're not picky about which pond they use for this. Geese are often found on ponds in farms, sports fields, apartment complex, park, or even backyard ponds. The breeding season leads into nesting season, with the latter usually occurring in March.

Goose nest fecal accumulation will get out of control quickly if you do not address the nesting, and the population can boom quickly, too.

Goose Control Services in Toledo

Critter Control of Toledo is aware of the humane and proper ways to conduct goose control. Your technician will be trained in the specifications regarding your wildlife control problem.

Your technician will thoroughly remove geese from your property. Our team is also well-versed in preventing geese from returning—after all, what good is goose removal if the bird just comes right back? Our full-service goose control work will get the geese out, repair the damages done to your property, and keep them out!

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Goose Control
Geese are known for being terribly aggressive and territorial, as they've been known to harass Toledo citizens near rivers and lakes. The accumulation of goose feces is dangerous to health.
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