Geese may not be intimidating based solely on their appearance, but don't be fooled. Geese are known for being terribly aggressive and territorial. They have been known to harass citizens near rivers and lakes, and the accumulation of their feces is dangerous to health. If you spot one or more goose on your property, please contact us immediately and do not approach the bird.

Getting Rid of Toledo Geese

Toledo goose controlGeese are known for being territorial if there is an intruder in their space. It is important not to approach a goose, especially if it is showing signs of aggression, like hissing or advancing toward you. Please call a professional wildlife company at the first sign of goose invasion to your property.

  • Net trapping
  • Habitat modification
  • Do not feed geese

Goose Control Services in Toledo

Critter Control of Toledo is aware of the humane and proper ways to conduct goose control. Your technician will be trained in the specifications regarding your wildlife control problem.

Your technician will rid your property of geese problems from start to finish. Goose removal, goose damage repairs, and geese prevention will all be addressed. Our full-service goose control work will get the geese out, repair the damages done to your property, and keep them out! We can help you get rid of goose problems — call today!

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