Rabbit Control

Rabbit Control and Removal ServicesRabbits are known as grazer animals and are notorious for damaging plants and grass. They will chew up your gardens and other vegetation, leaving you with an expensive landscaping disaster. Rabbits are active animals year-round, but tend to cause the most damage as the weather gets warmer.

Common Rabbit Issues

  • As mentioned above, rabbits will chew up your garden and landscaping vegetation, particularly new shoots in the spring.
  • You can also identify rabbit problems by tracking their droppings and footprints.
  • If you start to notice a regular pattern in rabbit droppings, footprints and chewed vegetation around your home, a Critter Control professional should be called to determine how severe the rabbit problem may be.

Rabbit Removal

If you need assistance with the removal of rabbits around your home, are experiencing a rabbit damage problem, or want to prevent rabbits from entering your garden, contact a Critter Control of Toledo professional for effective rabbit removal services.

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