Sparrow Control

Common Sparrow Problems

  • Sparrows are extremely common around homes and yards.
  • They share a strong bond with humans and rely on them for everything from nesting sites to food.
  • Sparrows nest in intrusive places, like roof eaves or in unoccupied outbuildings, while song sparrows tend to remain innocuous, living in gardens or bushes.
  • House sparrows are aggressive birds that harass and attack other native species, destroying their eggs and driving them away from food sources like bird feeders.
  • Flocks of sparrows wreak havoc on home gardens and grain crops, as well as livestock feed and grass seeds.
  • Their nesting habits cause further damage by blocking drains and ventilation ducts.
  • House sparrow nests located in streetlights, on store signs, or under roof overhangs can become fire hazards.

Trapping and Removal

Though they are known to coexist peacefully with humans, sparrows are wild animals. As such, people should not attempt to approach or trap the birds. Critter Control wildlife experts are prepared to help manage unwanted sparrow problems in effective and humane manners.

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Birds in the bathroom fan or kitchen vent? Sparrows making nests in your attic or garage? Those little weaver finches in the attic may well be sparrows. Sometimes sparrows cause damage by pecking at insulation inside attics. The nests of sparrows can also be dangerous, as they can be potential fire hazards. Call Critter Control today for effective sparrow removal, control and exclusion services.
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