Vole Control

Common Vole Problems

  • Vole Control and RemovalVoles will not normally enter human homes, as there is not much opportunity for ideal shelter areas inside.
  • Yards with gardens, unkempt grass, and overgrown groundcover will make great burrowing sites for voles.
  • One will be able to identify a vole presence by the pathways created leading to and from their burrowing entrances.
  • Voles cause unsightly damages to yards, trees, gardens, golf courses, and irrigation systems.
  • Their burrowing and feeding habits will create damages in a short amount of time.
  • Voles, like other rodents, are capable of carrying diseases, but are not a significant source of illness.

Control and Safety

 Call Critter Control of Toledo for full-service and long-term vole control services. We will get rid of the voles and keep them out with control methods! Call today!

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Tunnels in the grass? Mouse like rodents in your shrubs and landscaping? Those scurrying little critters may well be voles. Call Critter Control today for effective vole removal and exclusion services.
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