Woodpecker Control


  • Woodpecker Control and RemovalDistributed widely across the world, woodpeckers are known for their loud food-seeking behaviors.
  • By drilling holes into trees, the birds gain access to a variety of insects.
  • Even though the birds possess remarkably small brains, they are able to accomplish astounding feats.
  • However, they persistently and unknowingly pester building residents and owners.

Common Woodpecker Problems

  • Suburban areas and farmlands typically have enough trees and forested land in the general area to accommodate woodpecker populations.
  • Residents of wooden buildings are in particular danger of woodpecker attacks.
  • The nuisance birds are known to drill into structural wood for food as well as to build nests. They drill wood as a social activity, as well.
  • In addition to creating frequent loud, obnoxious noises, woodpeckers inflict structural damage on the sides of buildings, eaves, and trim boards.
  • The size of holes will vary depending on whether the birds are looking for food or constructing nests.
  • Additionally, woodpecker activity leaves trees susceptible to pest insects, infection and disease, and even death.

Trapping and Removal

When woodpecker populations get out of hand, contact Critter Control. Our technicians are trained in humane and thorough pest removal and are familiar with woodpecker behavior.

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Drumming noises? Holes in your wood siding? Woodpeckers pecking and damaging your house? These sounds and damage may well be due to woodpeckers. Call Critter Control today for effective prevention of woodpecker damage.
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