Commercial Bird Control

Toledo commercial servicesBirds are a pivotal aspect of our natural environment and contribute greatly to general enjoyment of nature. Because of this, they are protected by law and regulations in many areas. Critter Control of Toledo offers appropriate measures to keep your bird presence under control while still abiding by any laws.

Bird Removal

  • Critter Control of Toledo offers safe bird trapping methods that will get rid of your problem birds quickly, with no harm to the animal.
  • Trapping and removing birds will ensure the damages don't become too overwhelming and severe, and your wildlife technician will be able to assess and begin repairing damages.

Repairing Bird Damage

  • Bird feces that accumulates on buildings is unpleasant to look at, can be damaging to structures, and is hazardous to health.
  • Critter Control of Toledo will clean up the mess of bird droppings and repair other damages birds cause to buildings.

Bird Prevention

Critter Control of Toledo offers professional bird prevention methods. Bird netting and bird spikes are two of the most effective methods to keep birds off of your commercial building.

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