Are skunks under your Toledo home or porch? These smelly animals are often found in Toledo neighborhoods and can cause extensive damage and health risks to people and pets. The professional technicians at Critter Control of Toledo are skilled and able to take care of your skunk problems in the safest, most effective way possible. 


Skunks will create dens in brush piles, tree hollows, and underneath porches and sheds. To keep them away from your Toledo home make it difficult for them to find a good place to create a den. Add mesh around structures so they can’t get underneath and keep your yard free of brush. 


Never attempt to handle a skunk without the help of a professional. Critter Control of Toledo technicians quickly locate skunk dens and use trapping techniques to humanely capture and relocate the skunk in your Toledo yard. Critter Control will also repair any damage created by the skunk and get rid of any remaining odor. Call 419.534.0909 and get rid of skunks today!