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Get Rid of Nuisance Wild Animals

Critter Control will get rid of wildlife causing problems in or arround your home and prevent them from returning.

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Wild Animal In Or Around Your Home?

Wild animals can be not only bothersome but also dangerous. Many wild animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Wild animals left unattended in your home can quickly cause a great deal of damage to your attic, crawlspace, and basement—resulting in damages like:

  • Chewed wires, sometimes resulting in fires
  • Matted and damaged insulation
  • Holes in heating and cooling ducts
  • Carcasses that carry dangerous illnesses and secondary pests which will require dead animal removal
  • Or other potentially expensive problems

Our certified wildlife specialists have the training and experience to quickly identify the wild animal causing the problem. We work with you to develop a plan for wildlife trapping and removing the nuisance wildlife pest, prevent future animal infestation, and repair animal damage.

If you are experiencing problems with wildlife such as raccoons in the attic, animals in your chimney, scratching in walls, animals under your porch, or any other nuisance wildlife issue, we will take care of your wildlife control concern so you can get back to the things that matter. Call our professionals at 419.534.0909.


Keep Animals Out

Excluding wildlife from an area of your home or property that is being damaged can be the best approach to long-term wildlife control. By locating all points of animal entry and repairing entry points and placing exclusion methods there, the chances for future animal infestation and damage are greatly reduced.

If you are having a problem with wild animals entering your home, Critter Control offers wildlife removal services and animal exclusion services to keep them out.


About Critter Control

Critter Control, the nation’s leading humane wildlife control company, is skilled at dealing with many of the nation’s most bothersome pests.

Each office is ecologically responsible, ensuring that only environmentally sound solutions and humane animal removal services are completed for all wildlife control, animal damage control, and nuisance wildlife removal problems.

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"I had an issue with raccoons in my crawl space. Jake was great at setting and checking the traps. After less than 2 weeks, I no longer hear any critters rummaging around in the crawl space. I definitely recommend them for getting rid of unwanted critters."
- Tina Nordyke
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"We had a raccoon and opossum problem and Jake did a great job taking care of it for us. He was professional, thorough, and made recommendations on what we could do going forward to discourage them hanging out around our house."
- JoAnn Savage
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