Animal Droppings/Feces Removal

The animal has been removed from your Toledo home, but the problem is not over yet. The waste your animal invader leaves behind can sometimes be equally as hazardous as the animal itself. Many of the unwelcome animal pests will leave feces and urine in a single spot in your home, which can present serious health hazards. The stains and odors can be relieved with a single call to Critter Control of Toledo!

A few common types of animal scat that you may see inside your home include:

  • Raccoon feces, which is blunted and dark in color. Raccoon droppings usually includes berries since it is a main food source of the medium sized creatures.
  • Squirrel droppings are typically the same size and shape as jellybeans. They are usually found where squirrels reside in homes, like attics and crawl spaces.
  • Bats are another culprit when it comes to large accumulations of droppings. Bat guano accumulates quickly and is host to several illnesses that are incredibly harmful to humans.

Call our Toledo office today to help get rid of animal droppings.

Attic Restoration & Insulation

Restoring attics in Toledo Critter Control of Toledo offers extensive attic restoration services, including the restoration of insulation. Your Toledo home's insulation effectiveness is compromised by soiled insulation. Luckily for you, we can replace it.

An attic is one of the simplest places in a home to install insulation. Our attic restoration professionals will be glad to replace the damaged or soiled insulation with fresh, new energy-efficient insulation. An appropriately insulated attic will be a great investment in the long run as it begins to pay for itself in energy savings. Make sure you ask about available tax credits when our technicians install your insulation.

Critter Control of Toledo can replace the insulation in your Toledo home. Call us today to learn more about our attic services!

Chimney Cap and Screen Installation

chimney caps and screen wildlife prevention materials

Critter Control will use many methods to prevent wildlife problems in Toledo, including the installation of chimney caps and screens. Many wildlife animals will nest in the secure structure of your chimney. Critter Control will remove these animals and install chimney caps and screens, as well as other preventative materials, to keep them out!

Chimney caps and chimney screens will greatly decrease the chance of future wildlife problems in your chimney. Give us a call today for more information!

Crawlspace Clean-up

Critter Control will clean up and restore your Toledo crawl space after a wildlife invasion. Once the wildlife animals have been removed your technician will identify any damages to be repaired. Commonly pipes and insulation are damaged, leading to odors, water leaks, and a loss of energy efficency.

Animal Noises

If you are hearing animal noises in your Toledo home, call Critter Control. Animal are generally heard in the home before they are found. Common wildlife animal noises you may hear include scratching, gnawing, thumping, squeaking, and chirping.

Are you suspecting an animal in your home due to wildlife animal noises you are hearing? Call Critter Control of Toledo today.

Odor Control & Removal

Animals create terrible odors within the home. These odors can spread from the problem area throughout the entire home quickly. Critter Control implements deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers to help with odor control and removal in your Toledo home.

Bats in Homes

Finding bats in your Toledo home can create quite the scare. Bats will create terrible messes and pose great harm as they are common carriers of rabies. If you are finding bats in your Toledo home give Critter Control a call. Our technicians are experienced in bat removal and bat prevention services.

Wildlife Carcass Removal

It is common for wildlife animals to enter your home, get stuck in an area, and die. This dead animal carcass will leave a horrendous odor in your home and create a risk of problems with other infestations involving other animals or insects.

Call Critter Control for wildlife carcass removal in Toledo. We will implement special deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers that will make the nasty smell go away. Trust the professionals for your dead wildlife animal problem in Toledo.

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys on Toledo homes are commonly in need of repair due to the extreme elements and wildlife activity they are exposed to daily. Degradation of flashing, bricks, mortar joins, and concrete caps are fairly common. Call the professionals of Critter Control for chimney repairs in Toledo.

Get Rid of Skunks

Critter Control offers professional help to get rid of skunks in Toledo. Our services get rid of skunks safely and quickly.

Skunks will create damages to landscaping with their digging habits, and create structural damage when they dig and den under your home, shed, or garage.

Get rid of skunks and their stinky problems by calling Critter Control today!

Get Rid of Moles

Get rid of moles in Toledo and stop the yard damage today! Critter Control technicians have expert methods of mole control that will keep your yard safe from further damages.

Mole control can be tricky and in some cases will cause more problems if not handled correctly the first time. Trust the professionals and get rid of moles in Toledo today!

Get Rid of Raccoons

Critter Control will get rid of raccoons in Toledo quickly! Raccoons cause extensive damage in a short amount of time both inside and outside. It is best to trust the professionals to get rid of raccoons as they may cause harm when they feel threatened. Our technicians are experienced in raccoon trapping and removal, raccoon damage repair, and raccoon prevention.

Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels are persistent animals that can be difficult to get rid of. Critter Control is experienced in proven methods of getting rid of squirrels in Toledo. We will get rid of the squirrels in your home quickly and stop further damages from occurring.

Get squirrels out of your Toledo home by calling Critter Control today.

Get Rid of Mice

Getting rid of mice is a nearly impossible task for untrained homeowners to get right. Mice entry points are difficult to find by the untrained eye, and mice infestations multiply so quickly that they can be very difficult to get a handle on. 

Critter Control offers professional and proven services to get rid of mice in your Toledo home. For help with mice problems give us a call!