The animal has been removed from your Toledo home, but the problem is not over yet. The waste your animal invader leaves behind can sometimes be equally as hazardous as the animal itself. Many of the unwelcome animal pests will leave feces and urine in a single spot in your home, which can present serious health hazards. The stains and odors can be relieved with a single call to Critter Control of Toledo!

A few common types of animal scat that you may see inside your home include:

  • Raccoon feces, which is blunted and dark in color. Raccoon droppings usually includes berries since it is a main food source of the medium sized creatures.
  • Squirrel droppings are typically the same size and shape as jellybeans. They are usually found where squirrels reside in homes, like attics and crawl spaces.
  • Bats are another culprit when it comes to large accumulations of droppings. Bat guano accumulates quickly and is host to several illnesses that are incredibly harmful to humans.

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