Rodents are commonly thought of as small creatures, but did you know beavers are actually rodents, too? Though they can be beneficial to wetlands environments, beaver damage to rivers and other bodies of water can be costly to Toledo property owners. The damage they cause can encroach onto building structures, causing a weak foundation. If you notice beaver problems on your property, contact us using our online form or call our office today!

Get Rid of Beavers

Beaver issues in ToledoCritter Control of Toledo knows many different beaver removal and prevention methods. Our technicians will likely implement multiple methods in order to discourage beavers from spending time on the property.

  • Beaver live trapping
  • Exclusion (wire mesh fencing and wrapping trees)
  • Habitat modification (removing beaver dams)

Common Beaver Problems 

  • Tree damage
  • Plant damage
  • Flooding

Full-Service Beaver Services

Like any wildlife animal, we do not recommend handling or otherwise approaching beavers. For best results, please contact a professional wildlife company like Critter Control of Toledo. We have experience dealing with beaver problems, and our skilled professionals know how to best remove beavers safely. Professional beaver removal, if done correctly, can prevent future infestations and eliminate the dangers of both personal and animal injury. We can help you get rid of beaver problems—call today or visit our contact form page!

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