This rodent is very commonly seen in homes in the United States, so it's likely you might encounter them. They make look like a cute little animal, but mice can do a lot of damage to your home. Mice are also not very good at staying out of sight to homeowners, so it's often easy to realize you have a mouse problem. If you think have a problem with mice in your home, give Critter Control a call today! 

Getting Rid of Mice

Mice in a Garden ToledoGetting rid of mice in your home is a daunting task for a homeowner. Residents of Toledo can trust Critter Control to get rid of mice for good. We will handle mice trapping and removal, damage repair, and mice prevention. 

Common Mice Problems

Mice damages can lead to severe problems down the road, including electrical fires. Common damage that can occur in your home due to mice are:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Soiled insulation
  • Damage of home (books, furniture, etc.)
  • Contaminated food
  • Droppings throughout home

Prevention Methods

Mice Family ToledoAs a homeowner, there are some steps that you can take to lower your risk of having mice come to your house. Some of the things you could try to lower the risk of the returning or ever coming into your home are:

  • Seal up your food
  • Seal up your trash
  • Tidy up your house(have no crumbs on the floor)

Some of the prevention methods that our technicians here at Critter Control will use are:

  • Live humane traps
  • Sealing potential entry points
  • Other traps that the technicians deem necessary   

Full-Service Mice Removal 

Critter Control of Toledo will inspect your home top to bottom, inside and out. Once the assessment is completed your technician will create a plan of control for your mouse problem. A mice trap and removal plan will be implemented, as well as a prevention plan to help keep mice out for good! Get rid of mice for good. Call Critter Control of Toledo today and schedule your appointment!

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House Mice
Mice are one of the biggest wildlife control problems for homeowners. They create expensive damages that can lead to severe problems down the road. Not only do they create difficult damage, they are difficult to control as well! Trust the Critter Control professionals for your mice control solutions. Give us a call today! 419.534.0909
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