House mice are very common pest invaders across the nation, including Toledo. Though they are very small in comparison to many other wildlife animals, a mouse is not a creature you want to make contact with or have in your Toledo home, so contact us instead. We can address your mouse problem before it becomes a serious rodent infestation that causes expensive damage to your Toledo property. If you think have a problem with mice in your home and need mouse trapping assistance, give Critter Control of Toledo a call today! If you prefer, you can reach us online using our contact form.

Professional Toledo Mouse Trapping & Control

Small Brown Mouse On Rocks Outside Toledo HomeRemoving mice from your home can be difficult if the number of mice has risen drastically beyond one. Toledo homeowners can trust Critter Control of Toledo to get rid of mice for good. We will handle everything that comprises mice control—mouse trapping and removal, damage repair, and mouse-proofing. 

Common Mice Problems

Mice damages can lead to severe and expensive problems down the road—even electrical fires. Common damage that can occur in your home due to mice are:

  • Chewed electrical wires
  • Soiled insulation
  • Home damage (books, furniture, etc.)
  • Contaminated food
  • Droppings throughout home

Mouse-Proofing Your Toledo Home

There are a few things Toledo homeowners can do to discourage mice from coming onto their Toledo property. Some of the steps you can take to lower the possibility of mice wanting to come into your Toledo home include:

  • Sealing gaps in windows and doors
  • Keeping your trash receptacles secured
  • General maintenance/cleanliness of home (be sure to clean crumbs off counters and floors)

Some of the mice prevention methods that our mouse control technicians will use are:

  • Sealing potential entry points
  • Other traps that the technicians deem necessary   

Full-Service Mice Removal 

Critter Control of Toledo will perform a thorough inspection of your home to locate any mice. Once the mouse assessment and mouse trapping have been completed, your mouse control technician will create a long-term control plan for your mouse problem. Once mouse removal has been completed, a prevention plan will help keep mice out for good! Get rid of mice for good. Call Critter Control of Toledo today and schedule your appointment! You can also visit our contact form here.

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House Mice
Mice are one of the biggest wildlife control problems for Toledo homeowners. They can cause extensive structural damage and be hard to control once their numbers get out of control. Trust Critter Control of Toledo for your mice control solutions. Call today!
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