Mole Problems?

Moles are well known for their ability to dig long underground tunnels in yards and gardens. Due to living predominantly living underground they have very underdeveloped senses. Moles are drawn to areas with loose soils in meadows and grasslands.

Common Mole Issues

  • Moles tunnels close to ground surfaces creating mounds of upturned dirt.
  • The burrows that moles create will kill grass and vegetation, and leave sports field unplayable.

Critter Control Mole Services

Mole control methods can be tedious and expensive. Traps will need to be monitored and boundaries will need to be planted to exclude the small mammals from entering the area. If the incorrect methods are implemented, more damage can be done. Critter Control of Toledo has experience to effectively get rid of your mole problem with long-term results.

If you are facing a mole control problem, call Critter Control of Toledo for professional mole control.

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