The small burrowing creatures known as moles can actually be quite destructive, although most of their damage is not inside Toledo homes. Moles are usually around 5 inches or so, but their damage would suggest otherwise. Many have witnessed firsthand the destruction moles can cause to yards and landscapes. If you are noticing sure signs of mole activity on your Toledo property, or if you just suspect you might have a mole problem in your yard, call our office today!

Professional Mole Trapping

Mole Hills in Toledo YardMoles are infamous for their ability to dig long and complex underground tunnels in yards and gardens. Because they mainly live underground, they have a very underdeveloped sense of sight. Their sense of smell makes up for what they lack in sight. Moles are drawn to areas with loose soils, such as meadows and grasslands.

Common Mole Issues

  • Moles create tunnels close to ground surfaces creating mounds of upturned dirt.
  • Although moles are not vegetarians, the burrows their movement and living situation creates will kill grass and vegetation, and leave sports fields ripped up and unplayable.

Get Rid of Moles with Critter Control of Toledo's Professional Mole Services

Mole control methods can be expensive and time-consuming to set and monitor, especially when you have a household to run. Mole traps will need to be monitored closely and boundaries/prevention methods will need to be planted to exclude the small mammals from entering the area. Incorrectly implemented methods can actually cause more damage than they resolve. Critter Control of Toledo has the experience to effectively get rid of your mole problem with lasting results.

If you are facing a mole control problem, call the team at Critter Control of Toledo for professional mole control! You can also reach our team by using our contact form.

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