Skunk Problems?

Skunks are known for the foul and pungent smell. Skunks are mostly nocturnal and are drawn to human inhabited areas that offer them an easy chance for food. If you suspect a skunk in your neighborhood or yard its best to call Critter Control to remove it before further damages are caused. 

Common Skunk Issues

  • Making dens under buildings, patios, and decks.
  • Damage to landscape, plants, and structures from digging
  • Spray causes horrible odors and temporary blindness. 

Critter Control Skunk Removal

Landowners risk the possibility of being sprayed when they approach skunks. Mishandling can also lead to bites, which require immediate professional medical attention. Instead of attempting removal, property owners should call Critter Control to assist with skunk problems. We have the experts that will trap, remove, and keep skunks from coming back!


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