Toledo residents are well-aware of skunks' method of defense, and many people and their pets have witnessed it firsthand. Skunk spray is actually a fine mist of an oily substance that skunks secrete from their anal glands, and it can even cause blindness in humans and animals. In addition to their obvious smelly issues, skunks in the garage and skunks in the attic are both common issues Toledo residents call us about. We can help with skunk removal and skunk control! Get skunks out of your house with a call to Critter Control of Toledo today.


Professional Skunk Control in Toledo

Two Skunks on Toledo Property, Skunk Den in Hollowed TreeBecause skunks are predominantly nocturnal and are drawn to human-inhabited areas that offer them an easy chance for food, they often make their way into neighborhoods and yards. If you notice (or smell) a skunk in your immediate area, it's best to call Critter Control of Toledo to remove it before further damages are caused. Skunks are not very picky eaters—they will eat nearly anything that they can get their little paws on.

If a skunk happens to make it onto your property, they will most likely migrate to isolated outdoor areas like your deck or porch, and interior areas such as your attic or crawlspace. Critter Control of Toledo has professional technicians that are ready to take care of your skunk problem, and our technicians will also take steps that will keep the skunks away by installing fences and cleaning out debris or trash on your property.  

Common Skunk Issues

  • Making dens under buildings, patios, and decks
  • Torn-up landscapes
  • Damages to structures from them scratching 
  • The spray causes horrible odors and temporary blindness

Get Skunks Out—For Good!

Toledo landowners risk the possibility of being sprayed when they approach skunks. Mishandling can also lead to bites, which require immediate professional medical attention. Instead of attempting removal, property owners should call Critter Control of Toledo to assist with skunk problems. We have the experts that will trap, remove, and keep skunks from coming back!

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