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Snake Control and Removal

Venomous Snakes

Eastern Massasauga:

  • Medium-sized (20–30 inches), dark-colored rattlesnake with 29 to 50 dark dorsal blotches on its gray or brownish-gray body
  • Triangular head and elliptical eyes
  • Most distinguishable feature: stubby rattle on end of tail

Northern Copperhead:

  • Has a red, copper-colored head, with rest of its body shaded differently
  • Body is pinkish to gray-brown with a dark chestnut-colored hourglass shaped pattern on the body
  • Usually 2–3 feet long

Timber Rattlesnake:

  • May reach an excess of six feet, but average three to four feet long
  • Two basic color phases: 
    • Yellow phase has a series of dark brown or black chevron-shaped crossbands on a ground color of brownish yellow
    • Black phase has the crossbands on a ground color of blackish-brown

Snake Problems

  • Snake problems When shelter and sources of food are scarce in their natural habitat, snakes enter homes and yards much more frequently.
  • They can invade houses through cracks in building foundations, tears in window and door screens, and even through holes that serve electrical conduits and plumbing.
  • Tall grasses in unkempt lawns provide snakes with ideal hiding and hunting grounds while stacks of firewood, brush, and junk piles offer the reptiles suitable shelter
  • Most snakes are relatively harmless and actually flee from human interaction.
  • When cornered, snakes hiss, coil and either strike or bluff at offending parties.
  • Though this can be frightening to experience, especially for young children and curious pets, no harm is typically caused.
  • Nonvenomous snake bites are painful, but leave no lasting effects.
  • In areas where venomous snakes live, approaching the reptiles is much more dangerous.
  • Their bites can prove deadly if not treated immediately and properly.

Trapping and Removal

Even though certain species of snakes are not venomous, all snakes have the capacity to harm both humans and domestic animals. They strike when cornered, which makes attempts to trap them dangerous. Our professionals are trained, equipped, and ready to keep members of the public safe by eliminating pestilential snakes. Call today!

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Snakes in your home, garden or rock piles? Those slithering serpents are probably harmless. Critter Control can help you deal with snakes in a humane and rational way. If you see a snake and are concerned, call Critter Control and our trained technicians can oftentimes catch the snake if it is still there.
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