Scampering in your attic? Scratching in your walls? You may have a squirrel problem! Get rid of them before the damages become extensive. Critter Control of Toledo has experience using top of the line materials to solve your toughest squirrel control problem. Call today! 419.534.0909

Squirrel Problems?

Although cute and playful, squirrels cause all sorts of issues for homeowners. 

Common Squirrel Issues

  • Damages from chewing furniture, walls, roofs, siding, and electrical components
  • Insulation contamination and damage
  • Spreading germs and disease
  • Garden and yard damage

Critter Control's Squirrel Solutions

Due to squirrels ability to climb, jump, and crawl at incredibly fast speeds they are very difficult to trap and control. It's best to leave this work to the professionals at Critter Control. We have the tools, traps, and experience to effectively remove squirrels, repair their damages, and keep them from coming back.


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