The area surrounding the city of Toledo is no stranger to squirrel problems. Species such as Eastern gray squirrels, fox squirrels, red squirrels, and Southern flying squirrels are all prominent in Toledo. These fluffy-tailed medium-sized rodents cause a ruckus and damage for homeowners and business owners alike. Some common clues that you could have squirrel visitors include scratching in walls and shuffling around in attics. Our technicians here in the Toledo area are very knowledgeable about squirrels and know that one small problem can turn into a huge one. If you are starting to have a problem with squirrels call Critter Control of Toledo right away if you are having a problem with squirrels. 

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Squirrel Problems in Toledo?

Although they may have an unassuming appearance and are so common that you may not even consider them as pests, squirrels can actually be responsible for significant damage in homes and on properties. They are clever animals that are sometimes difficult to discourage from causing trouble, but Critter Control of Toledo can help!

Common Squirrel Issues

Squirrels are found in nearly every area of the world, including urban, suburban, and rural areas. Their ability to climb allows them easy access to your attic or any other area of your home.

  • Damage to furniture, roof, walls, electrical components, siding, and more
  • Insulation damage and contamination
  • The spreading of dangerous diseases and germs
  • Yard and garden damage

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels love attics—they're dry, protected, and warm places for them to nest and raise babies. If you've discovered squirrels in your attic, call us! There's a chance there could be babies involved, so you will want to tread as carefully as possible to ensure the safety of all parties.

We will perform an inspection to figure out how the squirrels have gotten in (they're notorious chewers and can make existing holes as big as necessary for entry), remove the squirrels and possible babies, place a one-way door on the entry hole and any other squirrel-proofing methods, and clean and disinfect the attic.

Keeping The Squirrels Out For Good

Squirrel on a fence ToledoSquirrels are definitely a nuisance for many residents, although in many states they are a protected game animal, our professional technicians know how to get rid of the squirrels and keep them away.

Making sure that squirrels do not take up residence inside your home can be a very challenging job. Setting traps and poison can be extremely dangerous; you could hurt yourself, your family or your pets. Instead, save yourself the hassle and headache and just call our office and we will take care of your squirrel problem for you!

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Scampering in your attic? Scratching in your walls? You may have a squirrel problem! Get rid of them before the damages become extensive. Critter Control of Toledo has experience using top of the line materials to solve your toughest squirrel control problem. Call today!
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