It is not uncommon to find raccoons in Toledo yards, but did you know they can also get into your home? A common raccoon entry point on your Toledo home is the roof, and they will get right into your chimney or attic and begin causing damage. Raccoons in the attic or in the garage are usually looking for food and/or shelter for their babies. Looking for a raccoon catcher? Critter Control of Toledo can help catch raccoons and we also offer raccoon relocation and raccoon damage repair! If you have a raccoon under your porch, don't be concerned—call our office today and our raccoon pest control specialists will help you ASAP! You can also reach our team using our contact form.

Raccoon Pest Control in Toledo

Large Raccoon at Water Edge on Toledo Property So you have a raccoon problem—what now? Read on to find out how we get rid of raccoons. Critter Control of Toledo is ready for action. Our raccoon control process includes effective raccoon trapping methods, repairing raccoon damage, and preventing the raccoons from coming in your house or on your property again. We also offer raccoon relocation and humane raccoon removal. A number of steps that are taken to keep the raccoons out for good are: 

  • Live humane traps
  • Sealing any and all possible entry points 
  • Raccoon damage repair

Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can bring a wide range of problems for homeowners, such as:

  • Damage through chewing on walls, roofs, furniture, electrical wires, etc
  • Damage to insulation: contamination, deterioration, etc (we can also help with attic restoration)
  • Urine and feces odors, stains, contamination associated with viruses and diseases
  • Spreading ticks, lice, and other parasites
  • Landscape damage 

Full-Service Raccoon Removal in Toledo Area

Raccoons are known carriers of many diseases and, like many wildlife critters, can become aggressive when approached or cornered. It's best to leave the raccoon trapping and raccoon removal to the professionals at Critter Control of Toledo. Our Ohio raccoon removal service area includes Clay Center, Pemberville, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Bowling Green and Toledo. Give us a call today or contact us online to get raccoons out! 

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Raccoons are destructive animals that may create extensive damages inside your home, especially in your attic. Contact Critter Control of Toledo and our trained raccoon removal professionals will get rid of your raccoon quickly.
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