Wildlife Home Services in Toledo

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The problem animal has been removed from your property, but the process is not over yet. You need to address the damage the animal caused while it was there. The majority of animals will have used one area of your home for a waste area, and if that area is not cleaned, it can present health hazards, unruly stains, and unfortunate odors.

Attic Restoration & Insulation

Our Toledo attic restoration professionals will get rid of your damaged and tainted insulation and replace it with brand new, energy-efficient insulation. Replacing insulation can be difficult if you attempt DIY services, but we have the attic restoration equipment necessary to remove damaged and contaminated insulation. Our specialists can also prepare quotes for most major insurance companies and get your attic back in tip-top shape in no time.

Why Should I Restore My Attic?

A well-insulated attic is an investment when it comes to money saved by energy efficiency. Attics are one of the simplest rooms in a home to insulate, especially if you'd like to “cap” your existing attic insulation, which is simply adding to the current level.

If any of the following animals have infested your attic, we recommend attic restoration services:

Chimney Cap and Chimney Screen Installation

Critter Control of Toledo offers a wide range of animal prevention products and services, including products that will protect your chimney. Many animals, upon gaining access to your roof area, will take up residence in your chimney. If you notice animals in your chimney, don't worry, but don't try to remove them yourself—give us a call.

After our team removes the unwanted animals, we will repair the damage they left behind and implement state-of-the-art prevention techniques. Installing vents, chimney caps, and screens, and closing entry holes reduces the probability of future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals. 

Call today for more information on our chimney cap and chimney screen services.

Crawl Space Cleanup

Once the wildlife critter has been removed from your Toledo crawl space, you might think your problems are over, but that's not so. As soon as raccoons, mice, squirrels (or other critters) have made themselves comfortable in your crawl space, they begin to leave droppings and urine which can present a health hazard to you and your family. There may also be damage to your pipes or insulation that can lead to odors, water leaks, or energy loss. Critter Control of Toledo will provide crawlspace clean-up services to identify, remove and repair any wildlife messes or damage left behind.

Please call us to schedule your crawl space inspection today!